For booking Ragged Crow Morris Dancers to perform at your event, fair, festival, party, conference, picnic or anything... Talk to Polly

if you would like to book us for a performance,  we generally ask for a donation  to help cover expenses.  This is however negotiable dependent on the distance that we need to travel and your type of event -  please give us a call to discuss. Talk to Polly*   All enquiries considered!! 

Thinking about joining Ragged Crow Morris Dancers ?

What's required?....... a good sense of rhythm ...a sense of humour....the commitment to practice regularly (once a week!) and ultimately....when we feel you're be prepared to dance out in public!! (Essential!).

Fancy having a go? Talk to Pete, we practice on Thursday evenings, 7.30 pm at 67 Trafalgar Street in the winter and a number of different venues/pubs during the summer..